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Do you make title loans?
Yes. However, all loans--even with a title--are subject to a credit report and the vehicle must be appraised/approved by our management.
Do you check credit?
Yes, every application is subject to a credit investigation and approval process.
What are your qualifications for a loan?
Qualifications for a loan are listed on the "Approval Guidelines" tab.
Do you make consolidation loans?
Typically, no. Our loan-niche are loans of about $600-$1500 and consolidation loans are usually for larger amounts of money. However, we will consider loaning a larger amount of money to customers who meet our requirements.
Do you make starter loans?
We normally do not make starter loans, but we will consider a small loan if you have stable employment, adequate security, and someone with an acceptable credit score co-signs with you. 

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ADDRESS: 225 N Poinsett Hwy, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

TEL: (864) 834-9054  |  ABCFINANCETR.COM

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