Loan Approval Guidelines


We love helping new people with loans, however, we do have some criteria that must be met. The following list will help you determine if you should apply or not.

  • Employment- Are you employed? Minimum 1 year of employment with current company OR 2 years employment with previous company. 

  • Bank Statement- Are you able to provide 2 current bank statements?

  • Residency- Provide ABC Finance accessibility to verify current residence and landlord phone number and/or power or water bill. Must have lived in upstate for at least 1 year.

  • Security- Provide security for the loan in case of default. Examples: Auto security, at least 4 personal property items with names and serial number(electronics, guns, etc.)

  • Credit Score- Minimum credit score of 630: Some exceptions such as auto title for collateral, auto should be 7 years old or less.

  • Valid South Carolina Drivers License.

Decisions are subject to liberal credit policies and numerous factors. We do not discriminate due to religious beliefs, political views, ethnicity, gender, or other lifestyle choices.